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Ceremony for presenting officers appointed to senior command positions

April 11, 2019, The Kremlin, Moscow

Senior officers and prosecutors appointed to higher positions and awarded senior military (special) titles and class ranks were presented to the President in a ceremony held in the Grand Kremlin Palace’s Alexander Hall.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Comrade officers,

I am delighted to greet all of you and congratulate you on your appointment to higher positions and promotion to the next military or special ranks. For each of you, this is a new step in your service, your professional career, and an opportunity to tap your potential to a greater extent and achieve important, significant results in ensuring security, law and order, and in defending the interests of the people of Russia.

You know how large-scale and consistent the work has been in recent years to develop the army and the navy in a comprehensive manner and to saturate line units with advanced military equipment. For example, the Avangard missile system with a boost glide vehicle – our hypersonic intercontinental system – will considerably enhance the power of the Strategic Missile Forces. The final tests involving the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile have been a success. As you may know, the Kinzhal hypersonic system and the Peresvet laser system have been put on alert duty.

The Navy’s new surface ships and nuclear submarines will be armed with advanced types of weapons, including the Tsyrkon hypersonic missile, which has no parallels in the world in terms of range and speed.

It is these modern powerful precision weapons that are determining and will determine in the future the image of Russia’s Armed Forces. For this reason, the requirements to personnel training and the quality and intensity of combat drills are becoming even stricter. What we need is a real fusion of Russian martial traditions and the most up-to-date, advanced knowledge, technology and skills in using these to a good effect.

I rely in this respect on the officers’ corps, top-level commanders that plan and engage in educational and morale building activity and should be an everyday example to their subordinates, serve as a model of clear-cut and flawless implementation of the tasks assigned to them.

The Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) has a huge responsibility when it comes to the effective countering of internal and external threats. It is necessary to actively improve the work in the field of counter-intelligence and anti-corruption, the state border protection system and to continue the uncompromising and resolute struggle against terrorism. It is important to focus efforts on the prevention of terrorist attacks and to identify concealed, deep-cover extremist cells. As you remember, we discussed this at the annual FSB Board meeting quite recently.

I rely on the consistent work of the Foreign Intelligence Service, the highest competence of its staff and their ability to think strategically for years ahead. Relying on verified information, they forecast the developments in key regions of the world and detect potential threats to Russia.

Federal Guard Service officers are performing their duties in good faith, primarily in terms of ensuring the security of top officials and strategically important facilities.

Internal affairs agencies are concentrating their efforts on the most critical challenges to law and order and public safety, countering crime, cybercrime and illegal activities. Success in achieving each of these or other major goals decisively depends on the supreme command staff of the Interior Ministry, including in the regions.

I would like to note again the well-coordinated work of law enforcement agencies and special services when hosting major international events, including competitions such as the FIFA World Cup (it is worth recalling it today), the recent Universiade in Krasnoyarsk as well as other international events.

Units of the Federal National Guard Service have a good record. Relying on this positive experience it is necessary to maintain the professional and personnel growth of the Russian National Guard and pay special attention to the protection of high security facilities, special cargoes, communications and gun control.

A broad range of issues falls within the purview of the prosecution authorities. Primarily, I am referring to the supervision of the precise and uniform application of laws and the defence of citizens’ rights in such fields as business, labour relations, and the implementation of social programmes. I also expect prosecutors to monitor [the handling] of funds allocated for the implementation of national projects.

The Investigative Committee is playing a huge role in fighting corruption and crime as a whole. While investigating complicated cases or working to ensure the compensation for the damage caused, investigators should rely on law alone, strictly comply with investigation timeframes prescribed by the Criminal Procedure Code and investigative procedures, and respect the rights of all those involved.

The Russian rescuers’ work deserves high praise. The overall effectiveness of the Russian Ministry of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Natural Disaster Relief depends directly on introducing comprehensive, modern methods enabling risk prediction and early detection and prevention of emergencies. Given the approach of summertime, I would like to ask you to very closely monitor the situation in the regions that are likely to face the threat of floods and fires.

Let me outline the priorities for the Federal Penitentiary Service. I am referring to the introduction of advanced security and surveillance systems, as well as modern, humane standards of confinement in places of deprivation of freedom. Please take into account the importance of quality execution of alternative punishments not involving social isolation.

In conclusion, I would like to once again congratulate you, comrade officers, on your new appointments and new titles. I wish all of you further success and all the best to your families, relatives and friends.

Thank you all very much.


April 11, 2019, The Kremlin, Moscow