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Visit to Chkalov State Flight Test Centre

May 14, 2019, Akhtubinsk

While on a working trip to the Astrakhan Region, Vladimir Putin visited the Russian Defence Ministry’s Chkalov State Flight Test Centre.

Vladimir Putin examined samples of advanced modern aviation technology, including the Kinzhal missile system, MiG and Su aircraft, and the Okhotnik-B, Inokhodets, Korsar and Forpost-R unmanned aerial vehicles. The Supreme Commander-in-Chief also examined air defence equipment – the Kasta 2-2B, Podlet and Valdai radar stations, the Fundament-M automated control system, the Pantsir family of air defence missiles, the Vityaz S-350 air defence missile system, the Tor-M2U combat vehicle, the Buk-M3 self-propelled missile system, and the S-300V4 air defence missile launcher.

The Chkalov Centre is the largest test centre of Russia’s Aerospace Forces. It is a base for testing aviation and aeronautical systems for various purposes, as well as aircraft avionics, onboard electronic equipment and weapons. The Chkalov Centre also has a special aviation alpine centre.

When landing at the Chkalov State Flight Test Centre airfield, the President’s airplane was accompanied by a group of six Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets. Later, Vladimir Putin briefly talked with their pilots.

May 14, 2019, Akhtubinsk