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Video address to the participants and guests of the 11th Moscow Conference on International Security

August 15, 2023

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished foreign guests,

Welcome to the 11th Moscow Conference on International Security.

Once again, representatives of defence ministries, diplomats and experts have gathered in Moscow to discuss the global and regional agenda.

Today, having this open, honest and unbiased conversation is essential and timely, since it is up to all of us, and the international community as a whole, to shape the future together, and on equal terms.

We see a multipolar world order gradually take shape. Most countries are ready to assert their sovereignty and defend their national interests, traditions, culture and way of life. New economic and political centres are consolidating their standing.

All this provides a solid foundation for steady and sustainable development around the world, for achieving just and, importantly, real solutions to social, economic, technological and environmental challenges, improving the quality of life and wellbeing for millions of people.

At the same time, long-standing hotbeds of conflict are simmering in various parts of the world, and new ones are being provoked. There is no doubt that those behind these conflicts are seeking to benefit from human tragedy by pitching nations against one another, subjugating states into feudal obedience within a neo-colonial system and exploiting their resources without mercy.

NATO member states persist in ramping up and upgrading their offensive capabilities, striving to bring the military confrontation into outer space and the cyberspace. They use military and non-military means to pressure others. And all this is taking place amid a disintegrating arms control framework.

In particular, the United States is intent on reformatting the existing system of interstate relations in the Asia-Pacific region as it deems fit. In fact, efforts to promote these so-called Indo-Pacific strategies are aimed at creating US-led military and political associations.

We cannot exclude that these efforts may pave the way to fully integrating NATO forces with the AUKUS structures as they take shape.

There are simmering hotbeds of tension in other regions of the world too. Every region may be special in terms of the security challenges it faces, but all these issues stem from the West’s reckless geopolitical undertakings and selfish neo-colonial actions.

For example, in the Sahara-Sahel region, countries like the Central African Republic and Mali have been attacked head-on by a plethora of terrorist groups after the United States and its allies unleashed an aggression against Libya, shattering its statehood.

Ukraine is a case in point, demonstrating where this policy of pouring fuel on the fire leads: by pumping billions of dollars into the neo-Nazi regime and supplying it with equipment, arms and munitions, sending military advisors and mercenaries there, they are doing everything to further escalate the conflict and draw other countries into it.

Let me reiterate that it is only by having the international community work together that we can lower the degree of confrontation on the global and regional levels, neutralise challenges and risks and build confidence between states, while also creating broad development opportunities. This is rather obvious today.

We have always been and remain firm in our adherence to a multipolar world order based on the supremacy of norms and principles of international law, sovereignty and equality of states, constructive cooperation and trust.

I strongly believe that the 11th Moscow Conference on International Security will contribute to promoting constructive cooperation between our nations.

I wish you every success, as well as fruitful and insightful discussions.

August 15, 2023