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Документ   /

Dmitry Medvedev sent his greetings to participants and guests of the World Russian People’s Council

May 25, 2010

The telegram reads, in part:

“The World Russian People’s Council brings together representatives of traditional faiths, prominent figures in science and culture, compatriots from the CIS and other countries, and all proactive individuals who value the historic and spiritual heritage of our nation.

You will be discussing an important topic, National Education: Shaping Integral Individuals and a Responsible Society. Whether or not our educational system meets the demands of the current times will have a great impact on the future of our state.

Today, we must use both domestic and global teaching experiences and raise our youth to have a caring, respectful attitude toward their nation’s history, the culture and traditions of our people. I hope that your meeting will contribute to resolving these high-priority challenges.”

The World Russian People’s Council is an international public organisation and forum aimed at drawing public attention to the pressing issues facing society today. The council was formed in 1993, and under its charter is headed by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

May 25, 2010