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Greetings on opening of 8th Parliamentary Forum on Russia’s Historical and Cultural Heritage

September 29, 2021

Vladimir Putin sent greetings to the participants of the 8th Parliamentary Forum on Russia’s Historical and Cultural Heritage.

The message reads, in part:

“Your meetings bring together representatives of the federal and regional authorities, researchers and art critics who focus on preserving our country’s unique cultural diversity, its historical and spiritual heritage. It is important that during the discussions, you come up with very specific recommendations and legislative initiatives that later find their application in practice. I would like to note the Forum participants’ significant contribution to preserving traditions of wooden architecture and folk arts and crafts, as well as to the development of the volunteer movement that rallies more and more engaged participants every year. Undoubtedly, your principled, constructive position and your focus on dedicated and effective work deserve support and respect.

It is also profoundly symbolic that this meeting is taking place on the ancient land of Yaroslavl, the homeland of Prince Alexander Nevsky, our great compatriot, an outstanding statesman, military leader and diplomat, whose 800th birthday we are widely celebrating this year.

I am sure that the 8th Parliamentary Forum will be held at a high level, will attract a lot of expert and public attention, and will contribute to the further study and deeper understanding of our national history and culture, our roots and origins.”

September 29, 2021