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Congratulations on the 150th anniversary of State Historical Museum

February 9, 2022

Vladimir Putin congratulated current and former staff of the State Historical Museum on its 150th anniversary.

The message reads, in part:

“Created by the labour and talent of prominent scholars, enlighteners, outstanding public figures, it has become the main depositary of the brightest and most memorable chapters of Russia’s thousand-year history and the pride of the entire nation. Many of our fellow Russians – members of the royal family and representatives of different classes of society – donated money for its construction, freely supplied its constantly growing collection with rare exhibits and documents and provided personal collections.

Over the past century and a half, the Historical Museum has played a significant role in the study of our Motherland’s history, in enhancing national awareness and in teaching people to respect their past. And even in difficult times, at turning points in history, when it was closed to visitors, its employees continued their meticulous work of keeping, systematising and studying its unique collections.

It is important that the current personnel worthily continue the traditions of the museum’s founders, who bequeathed to “collect sacred national relics from all corners of the Russian land.” Your substantive scientific, educational and methodological activities, your organisation of themed exhibitions in Russian regions and abroad, introduction of modern interactive and multimedia technology as well as your weighty contribution to international humanitarian interaction deserve profound respect.

I want to thank you for your great, tireless work, aimed at preserving our priceless historical, cultural and intellectual heritage, and I want to thank you for your conscientious and genuinely selfless labour.”

February 9, 2022