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Greetings to participants and guests of the gala concert Songs of Victory

May 5, 2022

Vladimir Putin sent greetings to participants and guests of the gala concert Songs of Victory, marking the 77th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The message reads, in part:

“We are rightfully proud of Russia’s 1,000-year history that contains many events and achievements with great moral value and universal human significance. The Great Victory over Nazism occupies a special place in this context. The Victory was made possible by the courage, willpower and unity of the Soviet people. Their strength of spirit and self-sacrifice amazed the entire world. We will always remember this unparalleled feat, and we will honour the generation of victors who defended the homeland and liberated the peoples of Europe, without sparing their own lives.

It is our duty to preserve the sacred memory of the fortitude of our fathers and grandfathers, and to tell posterity the truth about the events of those years. Concerts featuring songs that convey the feelings and thoughts of everyone who fought for Victory at that time serve this lofty purpose. These songs express infinite gratitude and respect for the defenders of the Motherland. These timeless musical masterpieces serve as a powerful unifying force. They inspired soldiers in battle, and they also inspire people to work creatively and constructively for the benefit of the Motherland.”

May 5, 2022