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Inspection of museum and historical park Island of Forts

July 30, 2022, Kronstadt

As part of his visit to the Northwestern Federal District, Vladimir Putin visited a museum and historical park opened as part of the Island of Forts tourism and recreation cluster created in Kronstadt.

The President was accompanied by Minister of Defence Sergei Shoigu and St Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov, while Ksenia Shoigu, Head of the cluster’s project office, provided clarifications.

The Island of Forts project has been under development since 2019, when Vladimir Putin issued his instruction to launch it, and occupies an area of more than 100 hectares, including urban sectors, parts of adjacent islands and of the Gulf of Finland.

Phase one facilities – the museum historical park and the Real Hero Camp training complex – were opened in 2020. The Naval Glory Museum is currently under construction and houses the first Soviet nuclear submarine K-3, the Leninsky Komsomol, which serves as the museum’s main exhibit. Additionally, restoration works are underway at Kronstadt forts, including Fort Kronslot, which dates back to Peter the Great and is the oldest among them, as well as at Fort Emperor Peter I and Fort Emperor Alexander I.

The final stage of the project, the creation of an educational and a recreational complex featuring comfortable tourist, commercial, engineering and transport infrastructure, is to be completed in 2025. All of this is intended to facilitate the social and economic development of Kronstadt as a museum town.

July 30, 2022, Kronstadt