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Greetings to the Istoki (Origins) Youth Historical and Cultural Festival

August 2, 2022

Vladimir Putin sent a message of greetings to the participants, organisers and guests of the Istoki (Origins) Youth Historical and Cultural Festival.

The message reads, in part:

“I am confident that your project will take place, create its own traditions, and enrich the palette of special and substantive youth forums held in many Russian regions. Such large initiatives, that bring together active, talented, and purposeful young people on one platform, are extremely important and popular today. They contribute to the personal development of young people, help them navigate the global historical and political processes, and provide excellent opportunities for professional growth, creative, spiritual and moral development, and the realisation of their ideas.

Here, in the ancient land of Pskov, you will meet with famous public activists, take part in workshops and discussions, and talk about joint projects in culture, volunteer work, and the patriotic education of the younger generation. And, of course, you will be able to learn about the unique historical and cultural heritage of the land of Pskov and its invaluable architectural and spiritual landmarks.”

August 2, 2022