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Meeting with Acting Governor of the Yaroslavl Region Mikhail Yevrayev

August 3, 2022, The Kremlin, Moscow

The President held a working meeting with Acting Governor of the Yaroslavl Region Mikhail Yevrayev via videoconference. The meeting was devoted to a discussion of the region’s development.

At the beginning of the meeting the President noted that the situation in the region was satisfactory based on the main indicators. The Gross Regional Product and investment are growing but some issues require special attention.

Mikhail Yevrayev started his report by describing the general socio-economic situation in the region. In 2021, industrial production index stood at 106.8 percent; the GRP reached 688 billion rubles, and investment in major assets amounted to 112.4 percent compared to 2020. Investment agreements worth over 57 billion rubles were signed at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum. This is investment in industry, agro-industrial production and tourism that is making rapid headway, considering that four of the nine Golden Ring cities are located in the region. The region put 760,000 sq m of housing into service in 2021, and 551,000 sq m in January-July 2022. The average monthly wage and salary grew by 109 percent. The current regional budget is about 105.4 billion rubles – an increase of almost 10 percent since its adoption in late 2021. The region helped municipalities repay their commercial loans, and it coped well with the spring flooding – not a single residential building was lost.

The Acting Governor told the President about measures of support for the economy and the social sphere, including support for backbone companies, incentives to attract doctors to work in remote rural areas and subsidies for beneficiaries under the gas infrastructure expansion programme. Yevrayev also described the region’s key projects – the Yaroslavl Reserve on the education of and search for highly qualified professionals, the Our Courtyards programme – on the provision of amenities, and projects on upgrading public transport and road repairs, and strategic plans for the development of the districts over the next five years. The latter will form a strategic plan for the development of the Yaroslavl Region as a whole.

Yevrayev also talked about environmental protection, in part, the Volga improvement programme.

He addressed the President with requests for funding to build the Karabulinskaya interchange to remove the load from the street and road network in the regional centre, and for a bridge across the Volga River to enhance the housing construction potential in the city.

Vladimir Putin noted the need to pay special attention to the issues raised by Yevrayev and to work hard on environmental and healthcare issues. As for the Acting Governor’s requests, Vladimir Putin promised to instruct the Government to study them. He thanked Yevrayev for his report and wished him good luck.

August 3, 2022, The Kremlin, Moscow