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Dmitry Medvedev sent his greetings to participants at special solemn meeting of the 64th session of the UN General Assembly in commemoration of all victims of the Second World War

May 6, 2010

The message reads, in part:

“Sixty-five years ago, we triumphed in our Great Victory over Nazism. The treacherous aggressors who embroiled over sixty nations into this bloody war failed in their plots. A colossal cost of joint efforts and lost lives allowed us to avert that grave threat to the very basic principles of civilisation. The memory of the heroism of all those who selflessly fought for the future of the generations to come, bringing the joint victory closer, lives in our hearts.

Losses were suffered by nearly every family in the Soviet Union, upon which Hitler’s military unleashed all its might. The tens of millions of lost lives will be remembered forever. We will never forget the every possible support and genuine compassion we felt during those tragic years when awareness of the threat of destruction brought together peoples and nations from different continents, strengthening the common spirit of solidarity and alliance in the united fight for a just cause.

We remember all this in anguish, and we will proudly recall this during our upcoming celebrations on May 9 in Moscow. We will pay tribute to the heroism of our veterans, all those who prevented a global catastrophe. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the heads of states and governments and all our international guests who will participate in these commemorative events, as this celebration holds a special meaning for Russia.

Today, while recollecting the events of that cruel War, we must understand the monstrous consequences of violence, racial and religious intolerance. In that light, the objective of strengthening the potential of the United Nations, which was established by the international community to prevent future wars, became ever more important. Through the years, the Organisation has remained the firm structure of contemporary international relations and its objectives are still relevant. The most significant among those are the establishment of an equitable world order based on the principles of humanism and mutually beneficial cooperation; the maintenance of international peace and security; and contributing to progressive political, socio-economic, cultural and humanitarian development.

The terrible lessons of World War II teach us to be united in our fight against modern threats and to respect international laws, without which it is impossible to ensure secure lives and a stable world order. Only through joint efforts by the entire global community can we effectively confront terrorism, proliferation of mass destruction weapons, transnational organised crime, drug trafficking and all forms of discrimination.

The Victory was achieved at the price of enormous losses. With this in mind, we must resolutely rebuff cynical politically motivated attempts to rewrite history, to revise the conclusions and decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal. Our common duty to both the soldiers-liberators and to future generations is to protect the truth about the War and the significance of the Victory, as well as to resolutely oppose those who desecrated the glory of the heroes who had defeated Nazism.

We will always remember everyone who laid down their lives at the altar of Victory, who perished in battle, who died from their wounds, exhaustion, or became victim of concentration camps. Let us bow our heads as we honour their cherished memory.”

May 6, 2010