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Congratulations to US President Barack Obama

August 4, 2010

Dmitry Medvedev sent US President Barack Obama a message of congratulations on his birthday.

The message reads, in par:

“I have warm recollections of my visit to the USA in June and the hospitable welcome I received from you. The constructive and friendly spirit at our meetings made a most positive impression on me.

I think that the talks we held produced important results that clearly demonstrate our countries’ common desire to strengthen our political, trade and economic, and cultural ties, which all have indisputably huge potential, and expand our cooperation on resolving current international issues.

The main thing now is to keep on steadily building on the agreements we have reached and give our bilateral relations substance in the form of concrete projects in innovation and high technology, and in the energy sector, make all-round efforts to expand our humanitarian contacts and scientific exchanges, and draw the blueprints for ambitious new initiatives.

It is my sincere desire to continue developing our trusting contacts and close cooperation for the good of our countries and peoples, and in the interests of international stability and security.”

August 4, 2010