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Meeting with Tyumen Region Governor Alexander Moor

December 1, 2020, Tobolsk

Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Tyumen Region Governor Alexander Moor.

The President began the meeting by saying that the Tyumen Region had reported good development results and he noted in particular the increase in the resident population. The problems Vladimir Putin mentioned included the pollution of bodies of water, dilapidated housing and the fight against infectious diseases, in particular, COVID-19 and HIV.

The Governor said that the number of coronavirus cases had been growing since early September, but the process had stabilised and 27 percent of hospital beds were not occupied. This is the result of the restrictions and the measures taken to monitor compliance with them. The Governor reported on the action taken to support people and businesses, as well as on payments to medical personnel, the provision of free medications, and voluntary work. In particular, the support measures for businesses included the lowering of all tax rates paid by small businesses and affected industries to regional budgets in 2020.

Speaking about the socioeconomic development of the Tyumen Region as a whole, Alexander Moor pointed out a rise in the industrial production index, as well as the growth of agricultural production by 2.6 percent. The Governor mentioned five basic sectors for attracting investment: the petrochemical industry; the manufacturing sector focused on the production of goods for oil and gas companies; timber processing; agroindustry and tourism. The housing construction sector is working at a rate of one square metre per person annually. Retail trade is growing, reflecting a rise of people’s incomes.

The Governor noted that registered unemployment had always been low in the Tyumen Region, below 0.6 percent. However, unemployment began to rise in the region in April, as it did in many other regions, eventually reaching a peak of 5.8 percent, after which it stabilised and started falling. The current rate is 3.77 percent. At the same time, the number of vacancies on the labour market currently exceeds the number of registered unemployed, although in summer it was vice versa.

The President pointed out that the region was developing successfully, on the whole.

December 1, 2020, Tobolsk