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Greetings to Chechnya residents on Chechen Republic Constitution Day

March 23, 2021

Vladimir Putin sent greetings to the residents of Chechnya on Chechen Republic Constitution Day.

The message reads, in part:

“A referendum was held 18 years ago, and the residents of Chechnya resolutely confirmed a line stipulating unity with Russia, the reinstatement of law and order in the region and the uncompromising fight against international terrorism. The people’s firm and unshakeable will served as a foundation for reviving the Republic and returning it to peaceful life.

Since then, we have accomplished a lot together for the sake of Chechnya’s stable development, for realising its economic potential, streamlining the infrastructure and the social sphere, strengthening inter-ethnic peace and accord as well as improving the people’s well-being.

I am quite certain that, while relying on the provisions and principles of the Constitution of the Chechen Republic, the ideological, spiritual and patriotic legacy of its First President and Hero of Russia Akhmat Haji Kadyrov, you will continue to work persistently and achieve successes, while accomplishing essential tasks for the benefit of Chechnya and the whole country.”

March 23, 2021