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Meeting with Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov

March 13, 2023

Ramzan Kadyrov briefed the President on Chechnya’s socioeconomic achievements in 2022.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Hello, Mr Kadyrov.

How are things in the Republic?

Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov: Everything is quite good in our Republic. This is thanks to you.

Vladimir Putin: Thanks to the Chechen people.

Ramzan Kadyrov: I would brag a little, if you do not mind. In 2022, the Chechen Republic took leading positions in various fields.

We rank first in terms of the number of successfully implemented state programmes, as well as in terms of implementing the Safe and High-Quality Roads national project and the Clean Water regional project. We are also among the leaders in terms of creating a comfortable urban environment and additional social gasification, in the Education national project and the Environment rating. The region has exceeded the targets of the Housing and Urban Environment national project by 2.5 times.

We can note a steady growth in economic indicators, such as the volume of construction, shipped goods, and industrial production. Investment increased by 55 percent, amounting to 90 billion rubles. Despite Western sanctions, we successfully launched four factories to produce building materials at the Kazbek technopark. We continue to develop the Veduchi complex. We started building a new airport terminal in Grozny and upgrading the cement plant.

In addition, in the fourth quarter, we managed to boldly increase the salaries of public sector employees by an average of 15 percent. Unemployment, which rose strongly during the pandemic, has already fallen to less than 8 percent.

We also have good results in healthcare: we are leaders in revaccination against the coronavirus, vaccination against influenza and medical screening. The Republic again took first place in the ranking for the absence of bad habits and for demographic increase.

Mr President, I am especially proud of Grozny’s successes. The capital of the Chechen Republic was recognised as the best city for doing business. For the first time, Grozny took first place in the Best Municipal Practice national competition and first place in the Urban Environment Quality Index federal rating last year. Naturally, we come across difficulties, but they are being resolved thanks to the attention and support of the Russian Government, and your personal instructions.

Mr President, fighters from the Chechen Republic are successfully serving in the zone of the special military operation; we are fulfilling all your orders and aim to proceed to a victorious conclusion. The residents of the region fully support the special military operation and consider it necessary to achieve its goals and objectives.

Thank you once again for everything you do for the Chechen Republic and all of Russia, the Russian Federation. We will not let you down, Mr President.

Vladimir Putin: I have no doubts about this.

Grozny continues to bloom. I know that the city is actively developing, just like the Chechen Republic as a whole. And you personally do a lot towards this, I also know this – you revive the spiritual sphere, and the material base also expands and strengthens.

I can see how your men are fighting in the zone of the special military operation; please convey the best words to them, thank them very much.

Let us discuss in detail each of these issues.


March 13, 2023