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Meeting with Perm Territory Governor Dmitry Makhonin

October 19, 2023, Perm

During his working trip to the region, Vladimir Putin had a meeting with Governor of the Perm Territory Dmitry Makhonin.

Dmitry Makhonin began his report on support for participants in the special military operation and their families. A branch of the Defenders of the Fatherland Foundation operates in the Perm Territory, and Help Is Here centres have been set up in each municipality. At the initiative of the participants in the special military operation, an association of the special military operation veterans was established. There is also a fund of the Perm Territory Governor to support non-profit organisations, which, among other things, open rehabilitation centres. There are ten types of property exemptions and preferences for special military operation participants. In the near future, the provision of free land plots will begin for participants of the special military operation who have particularly distinguished themselves. Assistance will be provided to further develop these plots.

Dmitry Makhonin spoke about helping Severodonetsk, a city in the Lugansk People’s Republic, to restore housing and social facilities. The connection with this city is explained by the fact that during World War II a nitrogen fertiliser plant was evacuated from there to the Perm Territory.

The Governor reported that the Perm Territory is the 15th or 16thlargest regional economy in Russia. Other topics of discussion included the development of small and medium-sized businesses, the 15 percent growth in GRP, 33 percent growth in construction, 16 percent growth in investment in fixed capital, record low unemployment – less than 2 percent, 8.6 percent growth in real wages, the implementation of national projects, a regional project called the Comfortable Territory, and relocation of people from dilapidated housing.

The Governor also spoke about large investment projects that are being implemented as part of Perm-300, such as an inter-university student campus, regional music school, regional rehabilitation centre for children with disabilities, large multifunctional sports arena, and a third bridge, which Perm really needs.

Discussing the defence sector, Dmitry Makhonin cited the example of the enterprise Motovilikha Plants, which basically grew up with the city: it is more than 280 years old. At the moment, it has practically completed its exit from bankruptcy proceedings and special decisions have been made on it. Now, in addition to producing all multiple-launch rocket systems and essentially all artillery and barrels, it is also manufacturing civilian products. For example, it produces non-magnetic steel, which is necessary in import substitution for shelf fields. These products are successfully supplied not only within the country, but also for international projects. Other topics that were raised included the production of aircraft engines, which is rapidly developing, and sustainable supplies of hydrocarbons to foreign and domestic markets.

In conclusion, the Governor spoke about the implementation of a part of the Perm 300 project that offers an opportunity to remember our forefathers and their feats, among other things. In May, the Weapons of Victory exhibition was opened, and recently another exhibition hall dedicated to the special military operation has been added. People provided about 6,000 photographs, letters, items of munition, and so on. The construction of the Perm – City of Labour Valour obelisk has been completed. This honorary title is awarded to cities whose residents made a significant contribution to achieving Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945, ensuring the uninterrupted production of military and civilian products at industrial enterprises and at the same time displaying enormous dedication and heroism in their work.

October 19, 2023, Perm