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Dmitry Medvedev visited the Vyborg Shipyard and laid flowers at the monument to Peter the Great

April 9, 2010, Vyborg

The President was shown a semi-submersible drilling rig under construction at the shipyard for Gazprom subsidiary Gazflot. The drilling rig will be used for offshore drilling and can operate in very low temperatures.

Mr Medvedev also laid flowers at the monument to Peter the Great. The monument was built in 1910 to mark the 200th anniversary of Vyborg’s becoming a part of Russia. In 1710, during the Great Northern War, the Russian army stormed the town, at that time a Swedish fortress. The Treaty of Nystad that ended the war in 1721 handed Vyborg to the Russian Empire. At various times over the course of its complex history Vyborg has been part of Russia, Sweden and Finland.

After laying flowers at the monument, the President spoke with local residents and congratulated them on Vyborg having been given the honorary title of City of Military Glory.

April 9, 2010, Vyborg