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Meeting with Acting Governor of Orel Region Andrei Klychkov

September 4, 2018, The Kremlin, Moscow

Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with Acting Governor of Orel Region Andrei Klychkov. They discussed the socioeconomic situation in the region.

Andrei Klychkov, who was appointed Acting Governor last October, reported that the situation in the region is stable. During the previous period, the region managed to reduce its state debt by more than 200 million rubles. The expected volume of investment by the end of the year is 47.4 billion rubles. As of July 1, it was up by 107 percent compared with 2017. A number of projects have been launched this year. About 2,000 jobs will have been created by the end of the year. The focus is on the agricultural sector. The harvest is expected to reach a record level: almost four tonnes of grain per resident, according to the forecast. Real wages have grown by 107 percent.

The Acting Governor reported that, thanks to support from the Ministry of Transport, the financing of road construction had grown by 20 percent this year. In particular, the construction of the western bypass scheduled for the next two years will begin near Orel in 2019, because 20,000 cars pass through the city every day.

Answering the President’s question about 500 million rubles allocated for the development of the healthcare system in the region, Andrei Klychkov said that the money was used to purchase medical equipment and build medical and obstetric clinics in remote areas as well as to buy mobile obstetric units.

The discussion also dealt with the resettlement of residents from old dilapidated buildings and the construction of open-air sport complexes in 12 districts. In addition, it focused on two issues: first, the siting of a multipurpose college for personnel training for the Central Federal District in line with a list of the 50 jobs most in demand in the labour market and requiring secondary vocational education, and second, setting up a special economic zone in the region.

Andrei Klychkov also invited the President to take part in celebrating the 200th anniversary of the great Russian author Ivan Turgenev who was born in Orel on November 9, 1818.

Vladimir Putin noted that he had studied the materials on Orel Region and believed that the Acting Governor had managed to provide systematic work and he hoped that all the plans would be implemented.

September 4, 2018, The Kremlin, Moscow