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Meeting with Tver Region Governor Igor Rudenya

August 9, 2023, The Kremlin, Moscow

Igor Rudenya informed the President about the region’s socioeconomic development, including the construction of priority facilities.

Igor Rudenya began his report by informing the President about the region’s current efforts related to the special military operation, which includes helping the families of the serving military personnel and the mobilised troops themselves, preserving jobs and extensive volunteering. Residents, local companies and the Russian Orthodox Church have collected and sent over 500 tonnes of humanitarian aid to the special military operation zone. Support measures are available for both families and the personnel serving in the special military operation who return home even for short breaks.

The Governor also spoke about the household gas supply programme, including subsidies available to special military operation personnel and their families, as well as large families in general, wishing to connect their homes to the gas supply network. All municipal areas in the region will be connected to the gas network by 2026. The Governor thanked Gazprom for its contribution and the President for his respective instructions. Mr Rudenya expressed hope that the companies and agricultural farms in the region would become substantially more competitive because access to gas reduces the net cost of products.

Igor Rudenya also spoke about recent developments in the region's transport infrastructure – particularly, about creating a northern bypass route around Tver to be opened in 2024. The largest project is a bridge across the Volga, with exits and relief roads to the northeast where major developing companies are located. The bridge and roads will ensure more convenient transport logistics, with new production facilities emerging as a result.

The Governor reported that the gross regional product exceeded 550 billion rubles and is expected to reach 600 billion rubles, thanks to new companies and investment. The region’s industries have added more IT companies and industrial facilities, in particular, train manufacturing capacities.

Four major projects are developing in agriculture. Each project has attracted over 30 billion rubles in investment.

When asked by the President about local healthcare, Igor Rudenya reported that four children’s outpatient clinics would open this year. The projects involving military construction workers are based in Torzhok, Tver and two clinics in Kimry. Additionally, a new building of a local hospital will be finished in Staritsa. One of the region’s largest hospitals offering high-tech services to several districts is under construction in Bezhetsk. A regional children’s hospital is also in development.

August 9, 2023, The Kremlin, Moscow