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Greetings to participants and guests of the Middle East Green Initiative launch ceremony

October 25, 2021

Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to the Middle East Green Initiative Summit being held in the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The message reads, in part:

“Russia attaches high priority to environmental issues, and we commend the efforts of the Saudi leadership to protect the environment and overcome environmental problems that directly affect the quality of life of millions of people.

The initiative put forward by the Kingdom is very relevant and timely. The Middle East today faces serious environmental challenges, including pollution of the biosphere, a shortage of fresh water, increasing droughts, and emerging risks to food security.

It is important that the comprehensive and balanced action programme developed by Saudi specialists provides for the widespread use of advanced technologies, including for ensuring the rational use of natural resources and planting greenery in large desert areas. The implementation of such an ambitious project will certainly promote major environmental improvements in the Middle East and will become a significant contribution to global efforts on the environmental track.

I would like to wish our Saudi and other Middle Eastern partners success in advancing this green initiative and reaffirm that Russia, in turn, is ready to build up comprehensive international cooperation in protecting the environment.”

October 25, 2021