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Law introducing criminal liability for intentional destruction, illegal collection and trade in plants and mushrooms listed in the Red Book of Russia

April 14, 2023

Vladimir Putin signed a Federal Law Introducing Amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and Articles 150 and 151 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation.

The Federal law is aimed at ensuring common approaches to legal protection of especially valuable wild animals, aquatic biological resources and plants.

For this purpose, the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is supplemented by Article 2601. It introduces liability for the deliberate destruction or damage of especially valuable plants and mushrooms that are listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and/or protected by international treaties of the Russian Federation, and for the illegal collection of or trade in such plants and mushrooms, as well as their derivative products, parts and byproducts.

Criminal liability is also introduced for smuggling the above species of the vegetable world.

April 14, 2023