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Law ratifying agreement between Russia and Belarus on cooperation in radio electronic combat

June 8, 2011

The President signed Federal Law On Ratification of the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus on Cooperation in Radio Electronic Combat.

The Agreement was signed in Moscow on December 10, 2009.

The Agreement establishes the legal framework determining the coordination procedures between Russia and Belarus in the field of radio electronic combat, with the aim of ensuring military security in the region.

The Agreement stipulates cooperation in the following areas: creating a unified system of radio electronic combat for the regional grouping of forces from Russia and Belarus, as well as operations support for that system; preparing the parties’ military administration agencies, radio electronic combat units and subdivisions for joint action; coordinating use of radio frequencies and ensuring electromagnetic compatibility of the parties’ radio-electronic military equipment; conducting joint studies, consultations, and exchanging information in this area; creating new and modernising existing special radio electronic combat equipment.

June 8, 2011