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On disciplinary responsibility for the fire at the 102nd artillery munitions depot

June 24, 2011

Defence Minister Anatoly presented to President and Commander-in-Chief Dmitry Medvedev his proposals following an investigation into the circumstances of the fire at the Central Military District’s 102nd artillery munitions depot on who should bear responsibility and be subject to disciplinary action for the incident.

The fire and subsequent explosions on June 2, 2011, destroyed the main part of the munitions depot’s storage facilities and damaged buildings in the military garrison and nearby settlements.

The report concluded that the fire’s main cause was failure to comply with fire safety regulations while working with ammunition, negligence on the part of the Central Military District and 102nd artillery ammunitions depot’s commanding officers regarding performance of their direct duties to organise and ensure routine operations, and failure to comply with the provisions of the Government regulation of February 17, 2000, on prohibited zones and districts.

The report names those the investigation concluded should be held responsible for the incident and bear the corresponding disciplinary sanctions.

June 24, 2011