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Presentation of the Order of Zhukov to the Defence Ministry’s 10th Special Purpose Brigade

August 8, 2011, Molkino Village, Krasnodar Territory

Dmitry Medvedev presented the Order of Zhukov to the Defence Ministry’s 10th Special Purpose Brigade. The Order of Zhukov is awarded for particular services in planning and carrying out major military operations.

The 10th Special Purpose Brigade took part in the operation to oblige Georgia to restore peace in August 2008. Seventy-six servicemen of the brigade received orders and medals for their courage and heroism, and private Raushan Abdullin was posthumously decorated with the title of Hero of Russia.

* * *

President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev: Comrades,

Today marks three years since the Georgian army launched its attack on South Ossetia. Hundreds of people were killed then and thousands faced mortal danger. Russian peacekeepers, including you and your comrades, blocked the aggressors’ way forward, performing their duty honourably during those very difficult and dramatic days, and for some of them, at the cost of their own lives. Today, your brigade is receiving one of our high state decorations – the Order of Zhukov.

The special forces have always had to measure up to particularly high demands. You are called upon to display not only combat skill, but also the ability to make the right decisions in very complex situations and selflessly carry out missions in the tightest of deadlines. This is why the special purpose forces are deservedly considered the elite in the armed forces. Your brigade’s relatively short but already memorable history is a remarkable proof to that.

You planned and carried out highly complex military operations in the North Caucasus and South Ossetia. Today, you are successfully mastering new combat methods and gaining new skills, learning to use new arms and equipment. I have no doubt that you will continue your devoted service to our homeland’s interests and protect the security of our people.


August 8, 2011, Molkino Village, Krasnodar Territory