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Amendments to legislative acts on creating an active manpower reserve

December 30, 2012

Vladimir Putin signed Federal Law On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on Creating an Active Manpower Reserve.

The Federal Law is aimed at implementing the Conceptual Framework for creating a new system of training and mobilisation of an active manpower reserve in the Russian Federation Armed Forces, as well as other troops and military units, given the new conditions of Russia’s socioeconomic development, as approved by the President in May 2007.

The Framework stipulates the creation of a new system of training and mobilisation of an active manpower reserve, building fully-manned brigades in Russia’s Armed Forces, as well as in other troops, military units and agencies, during mobilisation and in resolving crisis situations.

The Federal Law establishes the legal framework for the new system’s creation and functioning. The law will allow for a gradual transfer to the new system of training and mobilisation of an active manpower reserve and will contribute to increasing combat and mobilisation readiness of the Russian Federation’s Armed Forces.

December 30, 2012