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Meeting on defence industry development

May 11, 2016, Sochi

Vladimir Putin held a meeting with Defence Ministry heads and defence industry representatives. The effectiveness of different weapons systems, military and special equipment used during the antiterrorist operation in Syria was the main subject of discussion.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, colleagues,

Today, we continue our work in broader format and will focus the discussion primarily on promising new models of arms and equipment, with particular emphasis on their application. More than 70 percent of the state armament programme money is spent on developing and producing precisely these new models.

New aircraft such as the Su-30SM, Su-34, and Su-35 planes and the Mi-28N and Ka-52 helicopters have received high praise. Our new high-precision ammunition and cruise missiles have also demonstrated their tactical and technical qualities in practice. As has already been noted, our long-range air- and sea-based high-precision weapons were tested for the first time in actual combat conditions in the antiterrorist operation in Syria.

We must now make a comprehensive study of this experience and the results obtained and use the conclusions to plan the best steps for work to continue enhancing these weapons systems and increasing our armed forces’ combat capabilities. I ask you first of all to brief us on the problem issues and the proposed solutions.

Let’s start work.


May 11, 2016, Sochi