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Navy Day celebration

July 31, 2016, St Petersburg

Vladimir Putin took part in celebrations marking Russian Navy Day as part of his trip to St Petersburg.

Aboard the Serafim Sarovsky motor boat the President inspected Navy combat ships and greeted service personnel on Russian Navy Day. The President also visited the cruiser Aurora to inspect the ship and hear about the refurbishment concept for the Nakhimov Naval School.

Vladimir Putin also attended a ceremonial event as part of Navy Day celebrations on Senate Square.

As a distinctive feature of naval celebrations in 2016, the maritime parade featured new generation ships and submarines that have been acquired by the Navy under the State Military Shipbuilding Program.

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The President’s address at the ceremony dedicated to Navy Day celebrations

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Comrades,

I congratulate you on Navy Day. Congratulations to all who stand guard over this country's maritime borders, who serve in the surface and submarine forces, naval aviation and coastal troops; to all who work in the shipbuilding industry, who defend the interests of our country, the honour of our flag in the world's oceans, fighting piracy and terrorism, who contribute to the safety of navigation.

Maritime service has always been considered highly honourable in Russia. Our brave sailors, talented shipbuilders, daring explorers, and famous naval commanders devoted their lives to serving the Navy and their Motherland.

Navy sailors have always been known for their unique culture, their bearing, discipline and dignity. The Navy has earned the people’s love and gratitude through its efforts to the glory of the homeland, and by following its traditions which include courage, steadfastness, loyalty to their oath of allegiance and their military brotherhood, and the ability to stand up to any challenge even under difficult and harsh conditions.

Comrades and friends,

Today, the Navy is receiving modern ships equipped with the latest weaponry; its combat readiness is being maintained at a high level to match the existing threats and challenges.

We will be paying particular attention to ensuring social guarantees for service personnel and their families. We are well aware of what their families’ well-being means for navy sailors.

Today I would like to say the warmest words to the wives, parents, and children of our mariners. Thank you for the support you give to your loved ones who have chosen this challenging service. Navy Day is not only a public holiday, but also your family holiday. This is also a very long and worthy Navy tradition.

Once again, I sincerely congratulate all of you on this day. Congratulations to our glorious Navy veterans, to all those who have chosen the Navy to be their present and future, the purpose of their lives, the most important thing they can do. Thank you for your service.

Long live the Russian Navy!

July 31, 2016, St Petersburg