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Greetings on Ground Forces Day

October 1, 2018

Vladimir Putin sent greetings to the current and former personnel of the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation on their professional holiday.

The message reads, in part:

“Throughout its history, the Ground Forces have played a key role in ensuring Russia’s defence capability as well as protecting the country’s national interests. Heroism, courage and valour of many generations of soldiers and officers will always be remembered by our nation and will remain in the military chronicles of Russia.

It is important that today the Ground Forces personnel cherish the glorious military and patriotic traditions of their predecessors, demonstrating excellent competence and commitment to the military duty and the oath. The Ground Forces tackle their jobs honourably and to the benefit of Russia.”

On October 1, the Russian Ground Forces mark 468 years since their foundation in 1550. This commemorative date was established by a Presidential Executive Order in 2006 and refers to the anniversary of the Streltsy firearm infantry, the first regular troops in Russia.

October 1, 2018