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Law Ratifying Agreement on Using and Further Streamlining Intra-CIS Military Satellite Communications Systems

November 12, 2019

President Vladimir Putin signed the Federal Law On the Ratification of the Agreement on Using and Further Streamlining Intra-CIS Military Satellite Communications Systems.

The Agreement was signed on June 6, 2018 in Kyzyl.

The Agreement was developed to improve the reliability of administration of the armed forces of states that are members of the Commonwealth of Independent States, and to ensure their interoperability with the help of military satellite communications systems.

The Agreement will be implemented on the basis of relevant agreements signed between defence ministries (defence agencies) of the concerned Parties.

Under the Agreement, the Russian Defence Ministry will allow the Parties to use available capacity of the relay systems of the Russian Federation’s operational spacecraft to control the armed forces of states-parties to the Agreement, and to ensure the interoperability of these states’ military administration agencies.

The Agreement does not have a fixed term. The Agreement on Using and Further Streamlining Military Satellite Communications Systems of March 12, 1993, shall be declared null and void from the date of the new Agreement’s entry into force.

November 12, 2019