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Greetings to graduates of Russian higher military schools

May 10, 2020

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Comrades officers, friends,

Greetings to all the graduates of the Defence Ministry schools and academies on Victory Day and congratulations on successful graduation.

This is always a milestone and a memorable event in the life of each officer. For you it is particularly solemn and meaningful. It is a great honour and responsibility to begin your service on the sacred day for all of us, May 9, when our Motherland and the entire world celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, paying homage and respect to the immortal deed of the Soviet people, the valour and bravery of the Read Army soldiers and officers who defended their Fatherland, crushed Nazism and saved humanity from slavery and extermination.

Our officer corps has always taken pride in the historical continuity of many generations of defenders of our Fatherland. Legendary traditions of Russian warriors have always been and remain the source of our army’s spiritual strength and power.

You, Russian officers, are heirs to the Great Victory, and I am confident that you will always align yourselves with the generations of victors and will serve your Motherland honestly and loyally, as they did.

You have a big and responsible job ahead. The lessons of the Great Patriotic War, the entire history of our country teach us that our army must always be strong, capable of meeting any challenges and threats, defending Russia’s sovereignty and national interests, and the security and peaceful life of our people.

This is why we will continue developing and upgrading our Armed Forces. Whatever the circumstances, we will realise our plans to strengthen all branches of the military, to provide them with advanced weaponry and equipment, including unmatched strategic high precision and hypersonic systems, unmanned and automated assault systems.

I want to emphasise that in the coming years it will be necessary to intensify combat training, including practicing new forms of interaction between troops during unplanned inspections with the use of the most cutting-edge technologies that will shape the future image of Russia’s army and navy.

I am confident that you will take part in tackling all these extensive challenges with professionalism and honour, make effective use of the skills and knowledge you obtained at military schools and academies during operational and combat training, in exploring modern weapons and equipment. And, of course, you will pay maximum attention to training your subordinates, teaching them in the spirit of patriotism, responsibility and army discipline.

The state and our people rely on you. We will be doing everything possible to offer you good conditions of service and living standards.


On this remarkable day I would like to express my appreciation to your mentors, all those who taught you “the science of winning” in the classrooms and in the field ranges, taught you to be loyal to the unwritten laws of military honour and camaraderie.

I am sure that you will also preserve the feelings of deep respect and appreciation for your mentors.

Once again my congratulations on your graduation. I wish you success in the honourable and noble cause of military service to the Fatherland. I wish your loved ones good health and happiness.

Happy Victory Day!

May 10, 2020