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Congratulations on the 200th anniversary of the Mikhailovskaya Artillery Military Academy

December 7, 2020

Vladimir Putin congratulated the faculty, students, cadets, graduates and veterans of the Mikhailovskaya Artillery Military Academy on its 200th anniversary.

The message reads, in part:

“The story of your famed academy began in 1820 with the establishment of the St Petersburg Artillery School. Since then, the academy has come a long and dignified way to becoming a large educational and research centre. You have every right to be proud of many generations of professors and faculty members, as well as your graduates, many of them outstanding researchers, military and civilian professionals and prominent state and public figures. Of course, the academy has also brought out a constellation of brilliant military leaders and officers who have been awarded the titles of Knights of the Order of St George and Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia. The three orders on your banner are the nation’s recognition of your graduates’ military achievements, courage and unparalleled bravery.

The academy is carrying on its historical patriotic traditions and is providing a unique contribution to the development of military science and the training of highly skilled command and engineering professionals for the Armed Forces of Russia, the FSB Border Guard Service and the National Guard, as well as for the armed forces of the CSTO member states and other countries.

I have no doubt that the personnel of the Mikhailovskaya Artillery Military Academy will continue to honourably attain the goals set to it to the benefit of the Fatherland.”

December 7, 2020