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Greetings to military personnel and veterans of Special Operations Forces

February 27, 2021

Vladimir Putin congratulated military personnel and veterans of the Special Operations Forces on their professional holiday.

Vladimir Putin: Comrades,

I greet you on your professional holiday, Special Operations Forces Day.

I would like to sincerely thank you for your impeccable service, and your unwavering loyalty to your military duty and your oath.

Russia’s Special Operations Forces were established in response to the challenges of the time, to serious changes in the nature of military threats and methods of warfare.

You have successfully gone through the difficult stage of formation and combat coordination, relying on the unique school of the Russian special forces as well as the cutting-edge approaches to military strategy and tactics.

We have a good reason to say now that Russia, our Armed Forces have unique capabilities for solving problems of particular importance and complexity. We have seasoned, experienced fighters who are ready to act in a non-standard situation anywhere in the world, if their country’s interests and security require such action.

You have proved this more than once winning not by numbers, but by your skill; you have launched crushing blows at terrorists, and risked your lives to protect civilians.

You maintain constant combat readiness, and I am sure that you will be able to stand up to any combat mission, even that of the most challenging nature, because Special Operations Forces members are brave and unfaltering people with unbending will, true patriots of their Fatherland.

Once again, I thank you for your military service.

I wish you and your families success and health. Best wishes to the honoured veterans who stood at the origins of the Special Operations Forces.

All the best to you, comrades.

February 27, 2021