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Greetings to participants in the Young Army National Military Patriotic Social Movement

May 28, 2021

Vladimir Putin congratulated the participants in the Yunarmiya (Young Army) National Military Patriotic Social Movement on the movement’s fifth anniversary.

The message reads, in part:

“I would like to emphasise that it was you, representatives of the younger generation, who enthusiastically supported the idea of creating a Young Army organisation. You were its co-creators and inspirers. Since then, the Yunarmiya has united hundreds of thousands of talented, energetic and purposeful young people from different parts of Russia. You join the Yunarmiya to strengthen your will and character, learn to work in a team, undergo military and sports training, master the ABCs of many trades and find reliable friends and comrades. Importantly, obeying the call of your heart, you are actively involved in the volunteer search movement, take care of the veterans and strive to help those who need support. You are doing a great job that is much in demand and deserves profound respect.”

May 28, 2021