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Greetings to military personnel and veterans of Special Operations Forces

February 27, 2022

The Supreme Commander-in-Chief made a video address to congratulate the military personnel and veterans on the Special Operations Forces on their professional holiday.

President of Russian Vladimir Putin: Comrade officers,

Congratulations on your professional holiday, Special Operations Forces Day.

You have demonstrated many times that you are prepared to act with the utmost efficiency and under the harshest conditions to precisely and professionally complete the most difficult and demanding missions. You always perform your military duty to protect your native country and citizens with honour and protect Russia’s national interests.

The heroic traditions of the special forces find their roots in the centuries-long history of our army. They were fortified during the Great Patriotic War, matured and grew even stronger in Afghanistan and many hotbeds, as well as during the elimination of terrorists gangs both in the North Caucuses and in Syria.

You know just how quickly the nature of present-day military conflict is transforming. Special Operations Forces soldiers and their commanders must constantly raise the bar of their professional and combat skills, hone their ability to handle cutting-edge weaponry and military hardware, and of course, keep up with advances in military science in order to always overtake any potential rival in all areas.

I know that you undergo exactly this kind of training – comprehensive, all-encompassing and intensive, a real school of warfare. You strive to follow the best paragons of courage and bravery, true patriotism, and you set an example for new generations of defenders of the Fatherland and pass on your experience to young servicemen.

I want to thank the command and the personnel of the Special Operations Forces as well as special forces veterans for their loyalty to the oath, for their impeccable service to the people of Russia and our great Motherland.

My special appreciation goes to those who are performing their duty in the special operation to render assistance to the people’s republics of Donbass.

I wish you luck, success and all the very best to you and your loved ones.

February 27, 2022