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Ceremony to hoist navy flag on ships entering Navy and launch Imperator Aleksandr III nuclear submarine

December 29, 2022, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region

Vladimir Putin took part, via videoconference, in a ceremony for raising the Russian navy flag on the new vessels delivered to the Navy and to launch the nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine Imperator Aleksandr III.

During the event, shipyards in Severodvinsk, Baltiysk and Vladivostok handed over to the Navy the nuclear-powered cruise submarine Generalissimus Suvorov, the small-size missile ship Grad and the sea minesweeper Anatoly Shlemov, respectively.

Generalissimus Suvorov and Imperator Aleksandr III are the sixth and seventh missile carriers of the Borei-A family, capable of carrying Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Comrade officers, good afternoon.

Today navy flags are raised on the Generalissimus Suvorov nuclear-powered submarine and on the ships Grad and Anatoly Shlemov: they are now part of the Russian Navy and begin their military service.

At the same time, the nuclear submarine Imperator Aleksandr III is launched in Severodvinsk.

I would like to congratulate all the Navy men and shipbuilders of Russia on this significant, milestone event for the fleet, and thank the teams of Sevmash, Zelenodolsk and Sredne-Nevsky shipyards for their hard work, for the timely and high-quality execution of tasks. The designers, engineers and workers of these enterprises have once again proved their great professionalism in practice.

I would like to especially note the contribution that the enterprises of the United Shipbuilding Corporation – the Rubin Design Bureau and the Sevmash plant – made to the creation of the nuclear submarine fleet. The latest nuclear missile carriers that are being designed and built there have no analogues in the world in many respects.

The new submarines and surface ships are equipped with advanced navigation, communications and hydroacoustic systems, high-precision weapons and robotic systems.

For example, the Generalissimus Suvorov is armed with Bulava ballistic missiles, which significantly increase the capability of our naval nuclear forces. I would also like to note that four more such submarines will be built as part of the current state armament programme, which will ensure Russia’s security for decades to come.

The Grad small-size rocket ship is also a new generation project. Vessels of this class have shown high efficiency in carrying out combat missions in Syria and have proven themselves well in the course of the special military operation.

Sea minesweepers, such as Anatoly Shlemov, also belong to the new generation. This project is considered one of the most successful Russian developments in surface shipbuilding. In the future, it is planned to build ten more vessels of this class.

I stress that we will increase the speed and volume of building vessels of different types, equip them with the most advanced weapons and provide operational and combat training to our navy men, including based on the experience gained during the special military operation. In short, we will do everything necessary to reliably protect the security of Russia and our national interests in the World Ocean.

Please, let us begin.

(The ceremony to raise the naval flag on vessels delivered to the Navy and to launch the nuclear-powered cruise submarine Imperator Aleksandr III takes place.)

Comrade officers,

To conclude, I would like to once again say a big thank you to everyone who developed and built the new ships and wish good luck to their crews. I am sure that the navy men will fulfil their duty with honour, remain faithful to the St Andrew flag, and selflessly serve our Fatherland and our nation.

I wish you every success.

December 29, 2022, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region