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Greetings to current and former Emergencies Ministry workers

December 27, 2018, Moscow

Vladimir Putin congratulated current and former workers of the Ministry of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Natural Disaster Relief of the Russian Federation on their professional holiday, Rescuers’ Day.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Comrades, veterans,

Congratulations on your professional holiday, Rescuer’s Day. Thank you for your efficient and selfless service. Emergencies Ministry divisions are always ready to act in an urgent and resolute manner, in highly risky conditions and in the most complicated and atypical circumstances.

You proved your ability to successfully work as a well-coordinated team many times, both in our country and abroad, during most complicated rescue and humanitarian operations following natural disasters, industrial accidents, fires and other emergencies.

I would like to note the particular importance and significance of further improving prevention programmes. The Emergencies Ministry should be more proactive in preventing emergencies, ensuring the strictest and principled control over fire safety rules, other requirements and safety procedures at complex technical facilities and in public places.

Of course, real life will always throw in unexpected events. And it is you that people in distress rely on because they are certain that help will always come and Emergencies Ministry rescuers will do everything possible and impossible to save the most important thing: human lives.

We will continue to further reinforce the ministry’s unique personnel potential, pay close attention to the quality and diversified training and technical equipment of Russian rescuers, as well as social support to the personnel and their families.

We will certainly also pay the utmost attention to educating the younger generation in the glorious traditions of courage and honour, which is the pride of the Emergencies Ministry and the entire country.

I wish you good health, good luck and success in your demanding and noble service. And of course, I wish you and your families a happy New Year.

December 27, 2018, Moscow