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Meeting with newly elected governors

September 25, 2021, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region

Vladimir Putin held a meeting, via videoconference, with the elected heads of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Greetings, colleagues.

First of all, I want to congratulate you on your election as heads of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

You all have experience of such work and you know how complicated and intense it is. You realise that a colossal responsibility to the people is bestowed upon you. You must assert their trust daily, work for them and for their sake, as we say, roll up your sleeves, with your heart and with your soul, proving that you are in the right place and deserve such a high position, and proving the viability of election programmes and promises with concrete deeds. You should target your management teams towards unquestionable resolution of urgent social and economic problems in the regions, and of course, sustaining their effective and dynamic progress.

I ask you to personally monitor the realisation of the national projects and see to how the adopted measures are being implemented on the ground on supporting families with children and other categories of citizens, small and medium-sized businesses, on conducting comprehensive medical check-ups and medical rehabilitation of people who had COVID-19 – we are launching a big programme now. A special emphasis should be laid on the issues of employment, including and maybe primarily on the employment of young specialists and those in the pre-retirement group. You know that occasionally some issues arise here.

The overall success of the programmes which are of paramount important to the people largely depends on the quality of your performance and its close coordination with the Government and your colleagues in other regions. I mean the modernisation of primary medical care, resettling people from decrepit housing and improving urban and rural territories, as well as construction and renovation of roads, transport and social infrastructure facilities, including major renovations of over 7,000 school buildings in the forthcoming five years.

What is required from the regions in this respect? Grounded, well-calculated and duly submitted applications, competent and judicious handling of the funds received and to be received from the federal centre, and strict and regular compliance with all co-financing obligations. I know there are certain issues here, and we will speak to the Government on this matter and will discuss it with you.

We also need to actively apply the new instruments set up specially for the regions, for supporting their current and future investment plans. These include first of all infrastructure budget loans, which were mentioned in this year’s Address [to the Federal Assembly].

Indeed, the federal priorities and our national projects and key programmes should be implemented with a view to the local specifics, objective requirements and competitive advantages of the territories. However, I will stress that all our basic strategic plans are of equal value and significance for all the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Such plans establish conditions for the comprehensive sustainable development of the entire country. But they are coming to life – this has been said many times before – on the ground, in Russia’s regions. You, as their heads, are directly responsible for the results, mainly to the people, who will assess your efforts. It is crucial here not only to inform about what has been done but also to involve as many residents as possible in the implementation of the projects vital for the region and municipalities, and to strengthen interaction with civic society institutions.

Both you and your subordinates, your teams and everyone in charge of particular areas of work must stay in close contact with the people and seek their advice so as to find out their opinions, incorporate their suggestions and get feedback without any middlemen.

It is certainly not a pre-election situation, so you will not be able to walk the streets every day and ask questions; this is obvious. Yet you should find ways of interacting directly with the people. Politicians and managers gain success when they act openly, sincerely and competently.

I am sure that you have such qualities and I wish you great meaningful results in the upcoming work, and, most importantly, to always remember that civil service – let us state this again – is service, which derives from the word “to serve.” Thus, service is mainly about serving. Serving the people who entrusted you with such a high position and expect effective work from you. 

Colleagues, does anyone wish to speak? Please, go ahead. 


Vladimir Putin: Your work is not easy as you work directly with the people. You are closer to them than federal employees, especially those in Moscow. You have a better grasp of people’s sentiments, needs, and their expectations.

I sincerely rely on your efficiency, your managerial talent and your commitment to gaining the maximum result in your high position as head of a Russian Federation constituent entity. People are expecting results from you. We have a large agenda and possess everything we need to produce results, to achieve the tasks we are setting before us.

As you know, the Government has formulated additional support measures in the framework of national projects, for key development areas, and allocated significant extra funding with most of it going exactly to the regions of the Russian Federation. And you will be those individuals on the ground who need to ultimately show your voters the results of your work as you manage these resources or monitor how work is being carried out in those areas. Our overall result in the country’s development will also depend on local results.

I want to wish you success and all the best. We will be always in contact with you.

All the best.

September 25, 2021, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region