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Meeting on law enforcement issues

September 23, 2010, Gorki, Moscow Region

Dmitry Medvedev summed up the public discussion of the draft law On the Police Force.

In accordance with Presidential instructions, the draft law was posted on a specially created website for discussion. Over 33 thousand responses, including 20 thousand specific suggestions and proposals have been received.

The draft law is also being actively discussed in the Federation Council, the State Duma, the Civic Chamber, and the media. In addition, the President held meetings with participation of law enforcement agency representatives and the public in the Republic of Mari El and the Stavropol Territory.

Dmitry Medvedev emphasised that the law On the Police Force must be passed quickly and become the main instrument for reforming the entire Ministry of the Interior.

During the meeting, the President instructed the Government to explore the issue of setting up a unified national call-centre for Russia’s citizens to report any wrongdoings or negligence by law enforcement agency personnel.

The President gave instructions to prepare suggestions regarding the procedure the law enforcement agencies could use to inform citizens about the progress of handling their police statements or reported offences and crimes.

The meeting also addressed issues of social guarantees for law enforcement officers.

In addition, the meeting participants also touched on the issue of creating an independent Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Dmitry Medvedev announced that it will be set by a Presidential Executive Order on the basis of the existing Investigative Committee of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office.

The meeting participants included Prosecutor General Yury Chaika, Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office Sergei Naryshkin, Government Chief of Staff Segrei Sobyanin, Deputy Head of the Presidential Executive Office Alexei Gromov, Presidential Aides Arkady Dvorkovich and Oleg Markov, Presidential Aide and Head of the State-Legal Directorate Larisa Brychyova, Minister of the Interior Rashid Nurgaliyev, Director of the Federal Drug Control Service Viktor Ivanov, First Deputy Prosecutor General and Chairman of the Prosecutor General’s Office Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin, and Deputy Secretary of the Security Council Valentin Sobolev.

September 23, 2010, Gorki, Moscow Region