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Vladimir Putin submitted to the State Duma draft law amending certain legislative acts to improve state anti-corruption policy

December 15, 2016

The President submitted to the State Duma draft Federal Law On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation to Improve State Policy in Countering Corruption.

The draft federal law is aimed at further improving the anti-corruption legislation of the Russian Federation.

The law is to confer on Russian regions’ heads the responsibility for verifying the accuracy and completeness of income and property information submitted by municipal officials and persons holding certain positions in the municipal services.

If the procedure reveals facts of non-compliance with limitations and prohibitions, or non-fulfilment of obligations under the anti-corruption legislation, the region’s head is to issue a statement on early termination of powers of the individual who committed a corruption violation, or on applying a different disciplinary action by the local council or a court.

The proposed amendments, in particular, concern the participation of government officials of the Russian Federation and of the Russian constituent entities, as well government and municipal officials, in managing non-governmental organisation.

The right to participate in managing political parties is granted to the above-mentioned government and municipal officials without any limitations.

The draft federal law also envisages a number of other changes aimed at specifying procedures for settling a conflict of interests and the scope of persons responsible for preventing or settling such conflict.

December 15, 2016