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Amendments to separate legislative acts to fight corruption

February 6, 2019

Vladimir Putin signed the Federal Law On Amending Separate Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation for Purposes of Fighting Corruption.

The Federal Law amends Russian legislation in order to improve the procedure for monitoring compliance with the ban on opening and holding accounts (deposits), keeping cash and valuables in foreign banks located outside Russia and having and (or) using foreign financial tools by those who fall under the aforementioned ban.

The Federal Law gives the General Prosecutor’s Office the right to cooperate with competent agencies in other states when authorised federal or local officials carry out inspections to see if those who fall under the restrictions, bans and requirements set in order to fight corruption fully comply with them.

In the event it is impossible for the prosecutor’s offices to obtain information, the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation can send a request to the Central Bank of Russia, asking the central bank and (or) another supervisory body in a foreign state or a foreign financial regulator to provide the information they have regarding the accounts (deposits), cash and valuables in foreign banks located outside Russia and (or) foreign financial tools that belong to those who fall under the aforementioned restrictions, bans and requirements.

February 6, 2019