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Code of Administrative Offences amended to establish liability for offences in communications and information

July 14, 2022

The President signed the Federal Law On Amending the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences.

The Federal Law establishes administrative liability for a number of administrative offenses in the field of communications and information.

In particular, it establishes administrative liability for failure of the operator of a search system to meet the obligation to inform users about a violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation by persons about whom they request information, and with respect to whom the body exercising the functions of control and supervision in the field of communications, information technology and mass communications has resolved to apply coercive measures, as well as on the termination on the territory of Russia of the issuance, at the request of users, of information about the information resources of such persons.

Administrative liability is established for violating regulations for allowing traffic through technical means of countering threats to the stability, security and integrity of the functioning of the internet and public communications networks in Russia, as well as for failure to fulfill the duties stipulated by the law on foreign persons’ activities on the internet in the Russian Federation.

In addition, administrative liability is established for the failure of a foreign person operating on the internet in Russia to comply with the decision of a body exercising the functions of control and supervision in the sphere of communications, information technology and mass communications, as well as for failure to submit or the untimely submission to the specified body by a foreign legal entity, a foreign organisation that is not a legal entity, a foreign citizen or a stateless person operating on the internet in Russia, information that is necessary to maintain a roster of foreign entities operating on the internet in Russia, or for submitting to the specified authority of knowingly false information.

Administrative liability is being increased for certain administrative offences in the field of communications and information, including for repeated failure within one year by a communications operator providing access to the internet to comply with the obligation to restrict or resume access to information based on information received from a corresponding federal executive authority for violation by the telecom operator of the procedure for installing, operating or upgrading within the communication network of the specified operator technical means to counter threats to stability, security and integrity of operation of the internet and public communications networks in the Russian Federation or for non-compliance with the technical specifications concerning their installation or requirements for communications networks using the above technical means.

July 14, 2022