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Instructions following a meeting of the Presidential Council for the Implementation of State Policy in the Sphere of Protecting the Family and Children

March 16, 2022

Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions following the meeting of the Presidential Council for the Implementation of State Policy in the Sphere of Protecting the Family and Children, held on December 17, 2021.

The Government of the Russian Federation was instructed to update the 2020–2024 plan of measures (a roadmap) to develop the children’s goods industry, which was approved by the Government resolution of July 11, 2020, supplementing it with sections that envisage the development of industries related to the creation of teaching and education tools; enhancement of safety and quality of children’s goods; drafting of recommendations on the material and technical equipment of educational organisations, children’s sports training organisations, cultural organisations, as well as social infrastructure facilities for children; and an analysis of the practice of using technical regulations and standards, including methodologies for testing children’s goods.

The instructions concern, in particular, the procurement of home-produced training and education tools for preschool and general education organisations, and domestically-produced goods for children with disabilities in order to equip rehabilitation centres for disabled children; funding of purchases of domestically-produced sports equipment and gear for children’s sports training organisations, as well as home produced musical instruments and sound equipment for children’s music schools; development and implementation of a federal programme to restore and build children’s recreation and health facilities until 2030.

In addition, the instructions to the Government concern the adoption of additional measures of state support for the domestic children’s goods industry, including incentives for purchasing such goods using the funds of the Russian Federation budget system, including as part of the drive to implement national projects and state programmes; support of consumer demand for domestically-produced children’s goods in the context of implementing measures of social support for families with children; development of measures to assist domestic producers of sports equipment and gear in obtaining international certificates, including for organisations engaged in sports training of children.

The instructions to the Government of the Russian Federation, together with the regional executive authorities, concern the criteria for selecting domestic producers whose goods can be used in the context of implementing measures of social support for families with children.

Individual instructions have been issued to the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

March 16, 2022