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Address to participants of Bolshaya Peremena festival

June 1, 2022

Vladimir Putin extended greetings in a video address to the participants of Bolshaya Peremena festival.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends,

I am sincerely delighted to welcome all the participants in the Bolshaya Peremena festival. And before I say anything else, I would certainly like to congratulate you all – schoolchildren, parents and teachers – on International Children's Day.

I know that today, Moscow’s VDNKh exhibition grounds is for the first time hosting a gathering that has brought together members of over 300 children's and youth movements, projects, volunteer associations, including national – such as the Bolshaya Peremena community, the Russian Schoolchildren Movement, and the Young Army – and regional and local ones from different cities and regions, as well as from the Lugansk and Donetsk people's republics.

You are so different, but you all strive to show your best sides; young as you are, you are trying to tangibly benefit our country, your Motherland. And it's a good thing that thanks to this festival, you can get to know each other, to see how much you have in common, and to learn something new.

Bolshaya Peremena is not just a fun and festive event – it provides a space for you to figure out and fully reveal your talents and abilities, choose your future profession, get support for any creative, environmental, volunteer, scientific or entrepreneurial ideas of your own. Increasingly, it is you, schoolchildren, young people who become co-sponsors and initiators of projects that unite your peers.

I would like to say that I support your initiative to establish a joint children's movement. Its main purpose is to create an equal, accessible and entertaining environment for development and self-realisation in a variety of areas, but how this will be achieved is up to you. Your opinion, your suggestions are of key importance here.

You happen to be living and growing up in a very dynamic time, when the world is changing, and changing rapidly. I am sure that Russia will, if anything, enhance its strength, independence and sovereignty in this complex world, and this work is broader than any particular area. It should span the economy, technology, science and many other areas, including civil society and patriotic education. I believe a strong civil society and the patriotic activity of young people are of the essence.

And a lot really depends on you – on your being dedicated and proactive. As you know, a country’s success comprises the work and achievements of people united by common values, culture, traditions, and respect for history. It is about people who strive to contribute to Russia’s development, people who want their deeds – not words – to determine what is happening in their city, village and country.

I have no doubt that you are just that. You, your generation, have everything you need to build a future worth living together: you have dedication, responsibility, love for your Motherland, and willingness to keep learning and help others. I believe in you and believe that you will definitely make all your dreams come true.

And once again, happy International Children's Day.

Good luck with everything, and all the best.

June 1, 2022