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Video address to participants in 1st congress of Russian Movement of Children and Youth

December 18, 2022

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Dear friends,

I am glad to welcome all participants of the first congress of the Russian Movement of Children and Youth.

Bright, artistic, creative young people have gathered here, in Moscow from all over the country, and in particular – I would like to highlight this – from our newest regions. And now it is up to all of you to collectively decide what your movement should be like, what needs to be done to make it truly interesting and attractive to your peers, and to define its name and programme.

The idea, which you, as children and teenagers, have become the authors of – to create this movement – was conceived less than a year ago. And it is remarkable that you have managed to implement this idea which is needed both for you and the country as a whole, so quickly, in a coordinated manner, and from scratch.

It is my wish that you keep dreaming, creating, and proposing your own projects, that you mimic no one, and come up with and bring to life something of your own and – if required – stand your ground without any hesitation, yet that you be able to learn to listen to objections and place value on constructive criticism and advice.

I would like to emphasise once again: the movement should, both now and moving forward, be built around your interests and hobbies. This is the principal idea: to become a modern space available in every corner of the country – in big cities and small settlements – where each child, teenager, and young adult will have all the necessary tools and opportunities for self-accomplishment. A space where people who have achieved success in their professional spheres are ready to share their experience with you and where you can always count on the support of your mentors.

You are all very different, but you and all future members of the movement have one thing in common – you all aspire to develop yourselves, to methodically achieve the goals you have set in both education and sports, while at the same time inspiring and motivating others with your achievements and your own example.

And, of course, at this very young age all of you already have the same aspiration to contribute to the development of the country, to do something beneficial for our state and its people. I believe that such sincere and energetic patriotism sets all members of the Russian Movement of Children and Youth apart, now and in the future.

You must be aware of the fact that major changes are taking place, not only in Russia but in the entire world. I believe that these changes will be for the good. And I hope that we will make this world a more just place with our activities, deeds, our determination and the openness of our intentions, as well as with our plans and principles – a place where all people are truly equal, where each person has a right to be respected, to follow his or her traditions, speak his or hear native language, honour his or her predecessors, and where all of you will have a chance for maximum self-accomplishment irrespective of the environment you grew up in or your social background.

I would like to again congratulate you on this important and significant event – both in your lives and in the life of our country.

I wish you and this new movement many victories and great success.

December 18, 2022