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Working meeting with Head of Republic of Khakassia Viktor Zimin

August 20, 2018, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region

Viktor Zimin briefed Vladimir Putin on the socioeconomic situation in Khakassia.

The Governor reported that that the region’s GDP grew by 20 percent, which is higher than the national average. With support from the federal budget, the republic built many new social facilities, such as 15 new schools, 20 rural cultural centres and a perinatal centre. People’s bank deposits have grown five-fold since 2011, and the unemployment rate has halved. Coal production is on the rise, and the region is becoming the second largest producer of energy coal in Russia.

The discussion also focused on the further development of the Trans-Siberian Railway, which will give a boost to the economies of Khakassia and neighbouring Siberian regions.

The Governor noted that the planned economic growth required an efficient tariff policy. Khakassia believes that the electricity tariffs for the region are too high. Mr Zimin asked the President to issue relevant instructions to the Government. Coal production and the processing industry have a growing demand for electricity.

In addition, Mr Zimin proposed developing roads connecting the republic to the neighbouring regions, in particular, to promote tourism. According to Mr Zimin, Khakassia, the Altai Republic, Altai Territory, Kemerovo Region and Tuva have the potential to create a unique tourism ring, but that would require new roads. The corresponding programme was in force until 2015, when it was suspended. The Governor proposed raising this issue once again.

Viktor Zimin also asked the President to support the construction of an ice palace, which would be used primarily for children’s sports and as a mid-season training base for Russian ice hockey teams. Vladimir Putin supported this proposal.

August 20, 2018, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region