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Congratulations on Armenia’s Independence Day

September 21, 2013

Vladimir Putin congratulated President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan and the Armenian people on the country’s national holiday, Independence Day.

In his message, the President gave a high assessment of Armenia’s advances in social, economic, technological, science, and cultural development, and noted the country’s growing influence in international affairs. 

Mr Putin noted that the two countries’ relations, which have deep-reaching historical roots, have moved to a new level of alliance and partnership and continue to grow intensively, as was demonstrated in particular by the results of Mr Sargsyan’s recent visit to Moscow.

The President also said he is confident that the two countries will work together to continue developing bilateral ties in all areas and expand constructive cooperation in various multilateral groups too, including with respect to Armenia joining the Customs Union, which is certainly in keeping with the fraternal Russian and Armenian peoples’ basic interests.

September 21, 2013