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Dmitry Medvedev held a meeting to discuss law on improving the legal status of budgetary institutions

May 6, 2010, The Kremlin, Moscow

The law, which affects education, healthcare, social services, and culture, has already been passed by the State Duma in its third reading and elicited debate within society.

After listening to cabinet ministers, the President noted that new elements in the law have been drilled through experiments. The changes contemplated by the law will make resource spending more transparent, Mr Medvedev said. The law will also promote the fight against corruption.

The meeting was attended by Minister of Public Health and Social Development Tatyana Golikova, Minister of Culture Alexander Avdeyev, Minister of Education and Science Andrei Fursenko, and Presidential Aide and Head of the State-Legal Directorate Larisa Brychyova.

May 6, 2010, The Kremlin, Moscow