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Launch of Ukhta-Torzhok gas pipeline construction

October 27, 2015, The Kremlin, Moscow

Vladimir Putin took part in a videoconference to launch the construction of a new section of the Ukhta-Torzhok gas pipeline by Gazprom.

The Ukhta-Torzhok-2 gas pipeline will ensure gas deliveries into the Nord Stream-2 transportation system, which is to ship gas directly from Russia to the European Union. The second section of the Ukhta-Torzhok pipeline will be 970 kilometres long, with a design capacity of 45 billion cubic metres of gas a year.

 * * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Miller [Gazprom CEO], friends, colleagues, good afternoon.

Today we are launching a major important project – the construction of the second section of the Ukhta-Torzhok gas pipeline. This project will, of course, create new jobs in all the five regions that the route crosses, and it will provide additional tax revenue for the local and regional budgets.

However, the most important thing is that this route, which is new for the development of main gas pipelines in this country, will create additional opportunities for supplying gas to the regions of the Russian Federation and new opportunities for expanding gas export.

This is a serious, multi-faceted project that requires the special attention of Gazprom itself and of the Russian Government. I would like to wish success to all who will be involved in this project.

Please, Mr Miller.

Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller: Mr President,

Early last month Gazprom and its European partners signed an agreement on the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. To launch this project we need to transport an additional 55 billion cubic metres of gas to the Russian Baltic coast and build a new gas transportation infrastructure within Russia’s single gas supply system.

We will build up to 3,000 new pipelines, but Ukhta-Torzhok-2 is a key project. The final investment decision has been made and we are launching large-scale construction, which is to be carried out strictly on schedule, and we will have all the capacities ready by 2019.

The length of the pipeline is 970 kilometres with 8 new 689-megawatt compressor stations. The Ukhta-Torzhok-2 gas pipeline is to become the most modern gas main pipeline in the world with an operating pressure of 100 atm and it will help ensure additional gas supply to consumers in the north-west of Russia, as well as the export of gas. I suggest we watch a video about the construction of the gas pipeline.

Video demonstrated.

Alexei Miller: Mr President, I would like to ask you to give the command to start the welding of the first joint of the Ukhta-Torzhok-2 main gas pipeline.

Vladimir Putin: Friends, colleagues, we are making a serious step in developing Yamal resources and in the advancing of the mainline transportation infrastructure. Begin.

Alexei Miller: Mr President, the first joint of the gas pipeline has been welded. The construction of the Ukhta-Torzhok-2 gas pipeline has begun.

Vladimir Putin: Friends, I would like to congratulate you once again on the beginning of this large-scale project and to wish you success. All the best.

October 27, 2015, The Kremlin, Moscow