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Executive order on measures to implement government scientific and technical policy on agricultural development

July 22, 2016

The President signed an executive order on measures to implement government scientific and technical policy on agricultural development.

The executive order has been signed to ensure scientific and technical support for agricultural development and reduce technological risks to food production.

The document provides for the development and implementation of a package of measures aimed at developing and introducing before 2026 competitive domestic technology based on the latest scientific achievements and ensuring:

a) production of innovative and advanced seeds for domestic crop farming and pedigree stock (material) for livestock breeding;

b) production of high quality fodder and feed additives for animals and medicines for use by veterinarians;

c) diagnosis of pathogens affecting crops, production of pesticides and agro-chemicals derived from natural materials for agricultural purposes;

d) production, processing and storage of agricultural products, raw materials and foods;

e) oversight of the quality of agricultural products, raw materials and foods, and expert evaluation of genetic material.

The Government of the Russian Federation has been instructed to draft and approve in the next six months a federal scientific and technical programme of agricultural development for 2017–2025, providing for cooperation and coordination by relevant ministries and departments, the Russian Academy of Sciences, leading scientific and educational institutions and funds for the support of scientific, scientific-technical and innovative activities; creating an information and analysis system for the prompt monitoring and assessment of the conditions scientific and technical support for agricultural development and related risks; and financial support of the measures envisaged by the programme.

The Government has been also instructed to ensure the formation of scientific organisations and interdisciplinary research centres for implementing the programme’s measures in the field of agriculture on the basis of organisations subordinated to the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Education and Science and the Federal Agency for Scientific Organisations.

Starting in 2018, a report on implementing the programme must be delivered to the President of the Russian Federation every year by May 1.

The executive order also established a council on implementing the federal programme of agricultural scientific and technical development for 2017–2025, endorsed its provisions and membership, as well as the membership of its council presidium.

According to the provisions, the main task of the council is to draft proposals for the President and the Government on scientific and technical support of agricultural development; to coordinate the activities of federal executive and regional bodies and interested organisations for scientific and technical support of agricultural development; and to determine the types of agricultural products, raw materials and foods whose production and processing are envisaged by the programme.

The council shall hold meetings whenever necessary but no less than twice a year. Its presidium shall meet no less than once in two months.

July 22, 2016