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Instructions following Russian Popular Front’s Action Forum

January 25, 2015

Vladimir Putin signed a list of instructions following the Action Forum 2 conference of the Russian Popular Front people’s movement, held on November 18, 2014.

The Presidential Control Directorate of the Russian Federation is instructed to conduct an audit on the efficient spending by the Russian Federation’s Pension Fund of funds for the acquisition, construction and renovation of administrative buildings in 2012–2014.

Instructions to the Government of the Russian Federation concern, in part, improving efficacy in the use of budget resources allocated for relocating citizens from dilapidated housing; priorities and government support measures for agriculture and promoting import substitution in agriculture; economic incentives for the rational use of agricultural land; and criteria for determining the needs of employers in attracting foreign workers.

The Government is also instructed to ensure Russian legislation is amended to address construction and major repairs of multi-apartment buildings, particularly the work of regional operators performing this type of work.

Instructions to the Government jointly with executive authorities of the Russian Federation concern relocation of citizens from dilapidated housing, implementing the Housing for the Russian Family programme in Russian regions, and optimising the structure of medical organisations within federal and municipal healthcare systems.

The Government is instructed jointly with the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Bank of Russia to develop and implement a set of measures aimed at detecting and suppressing unlawful activities by organisations and citizens to provide consumer loans.

The Russian Popular Front was given a recommendation to analyse the state of public supervision in the housing and utilities sector and, if necessary, develop a set of measures to increase its efficiency.

January 25, 2015